Welcome to SMART PARKING HEATING & COOLING GROUP.  S-HVAC - platform  for independent 12V and 24V air heaters, parking compressor air conditioners , parking water coolers, 12V/24V/230V portable and build in compressor fridges and full range of the spare parts . S-HVAC is also a place for exchange of technical ideas and experiences.


We are an exclusive importer for EU Market of the independent heaters from Volcano Heaters Corporation.

S-HVAC is specialist for many years offering  the higher quality products for new trucks , camper trailers,  motor homes, light commercial vehicle,  yacht and boats , military and rescue vehicles .

We offer our products within our partners and dealers in Europe . We provide the warranty and after warranty service , certified and  specialized courses in maintenance and repair of our equipment,  full technical support and diagnostic tools.

Our heating and AC systems are tailored to the individual needs of our customers. The team of our dealers and engineers  shall ensure  that our product has met all the requirements of our customers.

S-HVAC offers the products for  OEMs and  Service & Dealer point network only. If you are end costumer please contact one of the our Dealer from the list .